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Rainbow Six Siege FAQ

A lot of things in Rainbow Six Siege can be incredibly vague and confusing. The Siege Shop can even breaks its own rules at times. I thought I’d try to answer some frequently asked questions that wouldn’t naturally fit anywhere else in the guide. This is for miscellaneous questions. Feel free to leave a question in the comments below.

Do I have to purchase items? Do items give me an advantage?

All items that can be purchased from the in-game shop are for aesthetic purposes only. They will not give you stat boosts or make you better than anyone else unless you choose the right camo to blend into the map.

How does VIP Work? Does VIP give me a discount on R6 Credits?

If you get VIP / Season Pass, you will get a 10% discount off of everything in the store, with the exception of R6 Credit Packs (real cash to in-game currency), and a handful of weapon skins and character skin bundles that must be purchased with real money as separate DLC or with R6 Credits.

What are the rarity of items?

All in-game items have different tiers of rarity. You can see the scarcity of each item by the symbol in the top-right corner of the item card. From most common to the rarest, the items are categorized as: common, uncommon, rare, epic, and legendary.

What are elite sets?

A new set of items listed as “Elite” have been released for select Operators. They can only be unlocked with 1800 R6 Credits – 1620 R6 Credits for those with VIP. Each set comes with weapon skins, a unique ability / gadget skin, a uniform, headgear, a charm, and an MVP victory animation. The elite packages can be found under the uniforms section in the shop.

Can I mix elite skins with other camo?

The elite weapon skins can be applied like any other weapon skin. Unfortunately, the headgear, uniform, unique ability equipment skin, and victory animation must all be selected at the same time. You cannot mix and match elite items with other camo or skins in Rainbow Six Siege.

How do I use the special ending animation for my Elite Operator?

The special ending animation for Elite Uniforms will automatically play if certain requirements are met. The elite set must first be chosen before the match even begins. It can be selected from the uniform or headgear section of the Operator. Then, your team must win the match, and you must be the MVP of your team for the elite animation to play.

What are the different types of weapon skins?

There are a variety of weapon skins. Some can be applied to any weapon, and are listed as “universal.”

Some weapon skins can only be applied to one weapon model, such as the P226. Once this weapon skin is unlocked, it will be available for that weapon no matter which Operator is using it. These are usually assigned to a single Counter Terrorism Unit, but with new Operators being unlocked, the weapons often cross over into other CTUs now.

Any DLC weapon skins purchased with actual money outside of the Rainbow Six Siege shop are universal skins unless packaged with a single Operator. For example, the emerald weapon skin is universal, but Ash Watch_Dogs set is only for Ash and her weapons.

How do seasonal weapon skins work?

Seasonal weapon skins can only be purchased during the season they appear. Remember, a season lasts three months out of the year. However, once the season weapon skin is unlocked, the skin can be used on all Operators that are available, even after the season ends.

For example, the Rusty Trigger weapon skin can only be unlocked during season one of year three–Operation Chimera. However, once season two of year three begins–Operation Para Bellum–the Rusty Trigger weapon skin is unable to be purchased and unlocked. Furthermore, if you already unlocked the Rusty Trigger weapon skin during Operation Chimera, it can be used on the current 38 Operators, but not any new Operators that will become available in the future. However, this is subject to change!

What if I have multiple gamertags on the same system?

If you have a family account on Xbox One or share games on PlayStation 4, you will be able to share all DLC except for R6 Credits. If you bought a special edition with the season pass and a few Operators already unlocked, it will be the same for all players who share the game.