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16 − fifteen =


Multiplayer is the most difficult, and some say the most fun, game mode in Rainbow Six Siege. It’s definitely the main reason why this game is still alive and kicking years after its release. Five real players face off against five real players online in three to seven rounds. The team to reach the score limit first will win the match and get a chance to earn an Alpha Pack.


Casual is where people go to have fun, and possible screw around instead of playing the game. Complete a few Situations to unlock Casual Multiplayer. To win in Casual your team must win three rounds, and a max of five rounds can be played.


Ranked is where people take the game a bit more seriously than Casual. You’ll definitely find people playing the game instead of messing around. Reach Operator Level 20 to unlock Ranked Multiplayer. To win in Ranked your team must win four rounds, and a max of seven rounds can be played.

The different ranks are copper, bronze, silver, gold, platinum, and diamond.

Game Modes

A map and death match game mode will be chosen at random by the servers at the beginning of the match. Play the objective or kill all operators on the opposing team to win a round.

  • HOSTAGE: The attackers must locate and extract a hostage from a building, whilst the defenders must prevent this by setting barricades and traps. If either team kills the hostage, they will lose the round. 42 Second Preparation Phase. 4 Minute Action Phase.
  • SECURE AREA: The attackers must locate a room containing a biohazard container, and secure it by remaining near the objective for 10 consecutive seconds without any defenders in the area. 42 Second Preparation Phase. 4 Minute Action Phase.
  • BOMB: The attackers locate one of two bombs and activate a defuser nearby. The attackers win the round if they can disarm a bomb, survive for the entire time limit, or if they eliminate the enemy team. The defenders can locate and destroy the defuser within 60 seconds after being activated. 42 Second Preparation Phase. 4 Minute Action Phase.