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Terrorist Hunt

Terrorist Hunt is one of the three main game modes in Rainbow Six Siege. It’s playable solo or cooperatively online with up to four additional teammates. Complete one of three random objectives against AI controlled terrorists. You might be playing offense or defense on the game mode.

Play Terrorist Hunt on Normal, Hard, or Realistic difficulty. Increasing the difficulty may alter some gameplay (such as amount of times you can refill ammo and how many waves are in Protect Asset), and will give you a slight boost in XP and Renown earned.

  • Classic: Hunt down and kill all the terrorists on the map. Chances are they won’t be in the same building, and will randomly spawn at times. No time limit.
  • Disarm Bomb: Find and defuse two bombs hidden and guarded by terrorists.
  • Hostage Extraction: Find and extract the hostage. Make sure not to use explosives if you’re not sure where the hostage is! While extracting, more hostiles will target the Operators.
  • Protect Asset: Defend and protect your hostage against waves of terrorists.