eighteen − four =

16 − 10 =


Side Attacker
Role Crowd Control
Release Year Two, Season Four
Armor Medium
Speed Average

Operator Tips

Zofia is another typical attack Operator. Pull out the KS79 to blow open walls and incapacitate enemies, then use her weapons to attack from medium to long range.

Unique Ability

Zofia’s unique ability is the KS79 Lifeline, a double barrel launcher that can fire both concussion and impact grenades. Two explosive grenades and two concussion grenades are available for this launcher per round.

The explosive grenades will only detonate on impact if they’re fired from a certain distance. However, if the grenade isn’t fired far enough, it will bounce off of any surface before detonating. The concussion grenades are basically stun grenades fired from the KS79 Lifeline.

Additionally, Zofia has an optional ability that only presents itself when she is in a downed state. While bleeding out, you can choose to “withstand” the pain. This brings Zofia to her feet without the help of another player, but she will only have 5 health instead of the normal 50 when a teammate revives a downed Operator.

Primary Weapons

Class Light Machine Gun
Fire Mode Full Auto
Damage 41 (34 Suppressed)
Fire Rate 720 RPM
Mobility 50
Capacity 151/150
Class Assault Rifle
Fire Mode Full Auto / 3 Round Burst / Semi Auto
Damage 45 (38 Suppressed)
Fire Rate 730 RPM
Mobility 50
Capacity 31/210

Secondary Weapons

Class Handgun
Fire Mode Semi Auto
Damage 38 (32 Suppressed)
Fire Rate -
Mobility 50
Capacity 16/45


Breach Charge 3 charges that are used to blow open breakable surfaces. Get the jump on enemies or create new lines of sight.
Claymore 1 motion-triggered explosive mine. Set it in door ways or protect objectives with these.