18 + three =

5 × 4 =


Type Defender
Release Year Two, Season Three
Armor Light
Speed Fast

Operator Tips

Stick Ela’s mines near the entrances of the objective room(s). It’s best to stick them above the door frame or below a window frame to make it incredibly difficult to shoot. This will almost guarantee that the mine will detonate, impairing any nearby enemy. Remember, they’re impaired, not fully disabled. Do not run towards them or you can still be shot down. Try to play defensively.

Unique Ability

Ela’s unique ability is the GRZMOT Mine, which are concussion proximity mines that can be attached to any surface. Once an enemy gets close enough, it will detonate, impairing hearing and causing a dizzying effect.

The GRZMOT Mine is vulnerable to firearms, explosives, and Thatcher’s EMPs. Three mines are available per round.

Primary Weapons

Scorpion EVO 3A1
Class Submachine Gun
Fire Mode Full Auto / 3 Round Burst / Semi Auto
Damage 23 (19 Suppressed)
Fire Rate 1080 RPM
Mobility 50
Capacity 51/200
Class Shotgun
Fire Mode Semi Auto
Damage 35 (29 Suppressed)
Fire Rate -
Mobility 50
Capacity 11/50

Secondary Weapons

Class Handgun
Fire Mode Semi Auto
Damage 38 (32 Suppressed)
Fire Rate -
Mobility 50
Capacity 16/45


Barbed Wire 3 bundles of barbed wire. Used to slow down enemies while attacking the base.
Deployable Shield 1 Deployable Shield that can be used to create a makeshift barrier. Withstands all bullets, but not explosives.