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Tips for Playing Offense

Every game mode in Rainbow Six Siege has a team playing offense vs a team playing defense. This section will give you a few tips for playing offense and securing the objectives.

The first part of every game is the preparation phase which lasts 45 seconds. The main goal for offense is to find the objective hidden somewhere in the house that’s being guarded by the enemy operators or terrorists. Control your drone and search the protected house. While looking for the objective, try tagging any enemy combatants by pressing the button with the square icon at the bottom of the screen (Y for XB1, Triangle for PS4). Tagging them will reveal which Operator is in a multiplayer match and what their general location is for several seconds. If you’re playing Terrorist Hunt, it will only reveal locations of the enemy AI.

With the objective marked, your team will know exactly where to attack from. If the objective was not found, another drone can be thrown out to search during the action phase.

The next step is to go after the objective, and it’s important that you do so! A lot of people simply try to kill the other team for a win. But if the time runs out, the defending team automatically wins. Find and escort the hostage to a landing zone, find and secure a biohazard container, or find and defuse one of two bombs. If there is a hostage, you must be incredibly careful not to kill him or her! If you do, it’s an automatic loss. Know who you’re shooting before you kill, and don’t use any explosives if you’re not sure the hostage is in the room!

No matter which game mode it is, you must be cautious not to immediately run into an enemy or an enemy’s trap! Lean and peak around corners, and use more drones if you must. If your Operator has a special ability to detect traps or enemies in some form, use it.

When you reach the room with the objective, chances are it’ll be boarded or locked up tightly – if the team is any good. Boards can be easily broken with shotguns, explosives, breach charges, three melee hits, or several shots from other firearms. If the wall is reinforced with steel, it can only be breached by select Operator gadgets (Thermite , Hibana, and Maverick).

Complete the objective or kill the entire enemy team to win. Read more tips about playing each Operator on their own pages.