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Where to Start Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege is a relatively small game, but you can still start off on the wrong foot or waste a lot of time and money. There are three main game modes in Rainbow Six Siege: Situations, Multiplayer, and Terrorist Hunt. The first thing anyone should do is start with Situations. These missions will allow you to get the hang of the controls while earning a little Renown.

After completing ten Situations, you should have a feel for a handful of operators and you’ll have enough Renown to purchase a few of your own. You’ll see there’s an eleventh Situation that’s not numbered. Complete that final situation to transition into Terrorist Hunt.

Terrorist Hunt is the next level of difficulty in the game. Learn how to play with up to four real teammates (or go solo) against AI enemies in randomly selected maps and game modes.

The third and final game mode is multiplayer. This is without a doubt the most difficult area in Siege. Five players face five players from around the world in random game modes and maps. If you prefer to play against AI, stick with Terrorist Hunt and Situations. As you continue playing, don’t forget about challenges, achievements, and trophies.

It’s best to spend all of your Renown on Operators and attachments. If you think you found an operator you love, start unlocking attachments for them. If you’re not sure, keep unlocking Operators until they’re all available. After getting all that good stuff, you can turn to aesthetics in the Shop. I’d avoid buying Alpha Packs since you only get one random item for a very expensive price. It might be better to save up and buy exactly what you want, whether it’s camo, charms, uniforms, or headgear.