Type Defender
Release Year 1
Armor 3/3
Speed 1/3

Operator Tips

Unique Ability

Yokai: Hovering drone that releases disorienting sonic bursts. Yokai also transmits a video feed to the Operator. Only one is available per round.

Primary Weapons

Class Shotgun
Fire Mode Pump Action
Damage 48
Fire Rate -
Mobility 50
Capacity 7/36
Class Submachine Gun
Fire Mode Full Auto / 3 Round Burst / Semi Auto
Damage 30
Fire Rate 800 RPM
Mobility 50
Capacity 31/150

Secondary Weapons

Class Handgun
Fire Mode Semi Auto
Damage 51
Fire Rate -
Mobility 50
Capacity 13/48
Bearing 9
Class Machine Pistol
Fire Mode Full Auto / Semi Auto
Damage 28
Fire Rate 1100 RPM
Mobility 50
Capacity 26/75


Barbed Wire 3 bundles of barbed wire. Used to slow down enemies while attacking the base.
Deployable Shield 1 Deployable Shield that can be used to create a makeshift barrier. Withstands all bullets, but not explosives.