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XP and Rank

Unlike most multiplayer shooters out there, Rainbow Six Siege doesn’t focus heavily on experience points and rank. You will earn XP throughout the game by completing matches and challenges, but the only thing that becomes unlocked by leveling up is Ranked Multiplayer matches at Clearance Level 20. There are also achievements and trophies tied to reaching levels 25 and 50.

Items are only unlocked with Renown, R6 Credits, and Alpha Packs. Alternatively, you can win a random item through Alpha Packs.

Alpha Packs

Alpha Packs in Rainbow Six Siege are similar to loot crates featured in many other multiplayer games. They contain a single random aesthetic item that can be purchased from the Shop, including a weapon skin, charm, headgear, or uniform. Items found in Alpha Packs can be common, uncommon, rare, epic, and legendary. If you receive an item you have already unlocked, you will receive a certain amount of Renown based on the item’s rarity.

The packs can be either won at the end of a multiplayer match or purchased with Renown. Buying packs is simple enough to understand. Simply go to the alpha packs option from the main menu, select “get alpha packs,” and use Renown you’ve earned in game. There’s a table below listing the amount of Alpha Packs you can buy with Renown.

Packs Price VIP Price
1 5000 Renown 4500 Renown
5 2500 Renown 22500 Renown
25 120000 Renown 100800 Renown
50 200000 Renown 180000 Renown

Obtaining Alpha Packs through Multiplayer is partially luck and partially team skill. Players must win a casual or ranked multiplayer match to roll for a chance to win a single pack. A circle with a thick line will spin on screen during this “roll.” If the arrow on the right side of the circle lands within the thick line, you’ll win an Alpha Pack; but if it doesn’t, your chances to win one will increase a small amount. VIP / Season Pass holders will receive an additional 0.30% increase after each match, regardless of the team winning or losing.

Multiplayer Result Increase
Casual Lose 1.50%
Casual Win 2.50%
Ranked Lose 2.50%
Ranked Win 3.00%