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Type Defender
Release Original
Armor Heavy
Speed Slow

Operator Tips

Doc is a support Operator, and does just as his name implies. Stick close to both the objective and friendly Operators. If they need health or they go down, get them back up quickly with a single shot. Alternatively, you can give them a boost if their health is already high. Use the temporary additional health boost to attack the remaining enemies without getting killed too quickly.

Unique Ability

Doc’s unique ability is the Stim Pistol. This pistol fires a hypodermic shot to revive Doc or knocked down teammates. The shot can also provide a temporary boost if the health gauge goes over 100. The maximum health is 140, but it will drop back to 100 after a few seconds.

This pistol is a single shot and reload “weapon.” A total of three shots are available per round. Press the ability button once to switch to the pistol, then a second time to use the gun on yourself. Fire it like a normal gun to heal and revive teammates.

Primary Weapons

Class Shotgun
Fire Mode Pump Action
Damage 53
Fire Rate -
Mobility 50
Capacity 7/29
Class Submachine Gun
Fire Mode Full Auto / 3 Round Burst / Semi Auto
Damage 30 (25 Suppressed)
Fire Rate 800 RPM
Mobility 50
Capacity 31/150
Class Submachine Gun
Fire Mode Full Auto / Semi Auto
Damage 22 (18 Suppressed)
Fire Rate 970 RPM
Mobility 50
Capacity 51/200

Secondary Weapons

Class Handgun
Fire Mode Semi Auto
Damage 45 (38 Suppressed)
Fire Rate -
Mobility 50
Capacity 17/64
Class Handgun
Fire Mode Revolver
Damage 78
Fire Rate -
Mobility 50
Capacity 6/36


Bulletproof Camera 1 camera that can see through thick smoke and withstand shots to its front face. Can be deployed on any flat surface large enough to hold it.
Barbed Wire 3 bundles of barbed wire. Used to slow down enemies while attacking the base.