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Operators are the various characters that can be unlocked and selected in Rainbow Six Siege. Each Operator specializes in a particular form of combat and play style, and sometimes they will even feature unique weapons not found in other units. As of April 2019, there are a total of 46 operators in Rainbow Six Siege.

The different Operators are often divided into attackers and defenders. This is because the Operators can only be chosen depending on the team’s current position in the round (offense or defense).

Additionally, each Operator has an Armor and Speed rating to differentiate play style. Speedy players must rely on both speed and accuracy because their armor is too light to take much direct fire. Armored players often rely on their heavy-duty weapons and defense because the weight will make them far too slow to move around.

# Armor Speed
1/3 Light Slow
2/3 Medium Average
3/3 Heavy Fast

Each Operator’s can equip one primary weapon, one secondary weapon, and one gadget. Furthermore, every operator has their own unique ability which could be a skill, a special weapon, or an advanced piece of equipment. Use different loadouts to create the perfect combo. I used seven roles to explain the different Operator specializations in Rainbow Six Siege.

Role Specialization
Breacher Destroys wooden walls and barriers with ease.
Hard Breacher Destroys reinforced steel barriers.
Intel Gathers intelligence on enemy Operators and gadgets.
Counter-Intel Prevents intelligence gathering of friendly Operators and gadgets.
Crowd Control Stalls enemies with suppressive fire, visual and audio debilitation, and speed reduction.
Trap Uses booby traps to injure, down, and/or kill enemy Operators.
Tank Uses special abilities and gadgets to provide extra protection through defensive shields or health boosts.

All Operators can be unlocked with Renown or R6 Credits in Rainbow Six Siege. The original 20 Legacy Operator are unlocked with 500, 1000, 1500, and then 2000 Renown depending on how many Operators are currently unlocked in that CTU. Post Launch Operators (Year 1, 2, 3, and 4) are unlocked with 25,000 Renown or 600 R6 Credits.

Operator Class CTU Armor Speed Role
Recruit Both S.A.S
Varies Varies Varies
Sledge Attacker S.A.S Medium Average Breacher
Thatcher Attacker S.A.S Medium Average Counter-Intel
Ash Attacker FBI SWAT Light Fast Breacher
Thermite Attacker FBI SWAT Medium Average Hard Breacher
Twitch Attacker GIGN Medium Average Counter-Intel
Montagne Attacker GIGN Heavy Slow Tank
Glaz Attacker Spetsnaz Heavy Slow Intel
Fuze Attacker Spetsnaz Heavy Slow Crowd Control
Blitz Attacker GSG9 Heavy Slow Tank
IQ Attacker GSG9 Light Fast Intel
Smoke Defender S.A.S Medium Average Trap
Mute Defender S.A.S Medium Average Counter-Intel
Castle Defender FBI SWAT Medium Average Tank
Pulse Defender FBI SWAT Light Fast Intel
Doc Defender GIGN Heavy Slow Tank
Rook Defender GIGN Heavy Slow Tank
Kapkan Defender Spetsnaz Medium Average Trap
Tachanka Defender Spetsnaz Heavy Slow Crowd Control
Jager Defender GSG9 Light Fast Counter-Intel
Bandit Defender GSG9 Light Fast Trap
Buck Attacker JTF2 Medium Average Breacher
Frost Defender JTF2 Medium Average Trap
Blackbeard Attacker NAVY SEAL Medium Average Tank
Valkyrie Defender NAVY SEAL Medium Average Intel
Capitao Attacker BOPE Light Fast Crowd Control
Caveira Defender BOPE Light Fast Intel
Hibana Attacker S.A.T. Light Fast Hard Breacher
Echo Defender S.A.T. Heavy Slow Intel
Jackal Attacker GEO Medium Average Intel
Mira Defender GEO Heavy Slow Tank
Ying Attacker S.D.U Medium Average Crowd Control
Lesion Defender S.D.U Medium Average Trap
Ela Defender G.R.O.M Light Fast Trap
Dokkaebi Attacker 707th SMB Medium Average Intel
Vigil Defender 707th SMB Light Fast Counter-Intel
Zofia Attacker G.R.O.M Medium Average Crowd Control
Lion Attacker CBRN Medium Average Intel
Finka Attacker CBRN Medium Average Tank
Maestro Defender GIS Heavy Slow Trap
Alibi Defender GIS Light Fast Trap
Maverick Attacker GSUTR Light Fast Hard Breacher
Clash Defender GSUTR Heavy Slow Tank
Nomad Attacker GIGR Medium Average Trap
Kaid Defender GIGR Heavy Slow Trap
Gridlock Attacker SASR Heavy Slow Crowd Control
Mozzie Defender SASR Medium Average Counter-Intel