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Uplay Challenges

Since Rainbow Six Siege is an Ubisoft game, it comes with Uplay challenges in addition to normal achievements and trophies. Complete classic challenges to earn XP and Uplay points or a Uplay badge. Unfortunately, if you purchase this game on multiple platforms and use the same Uplay account, none of the saved data will transfer. Challenges, currency, unlocks, everything is set to each platform.

In addition to classic challenges, daily and weekly challenges keep rewarding you for playing. Complete weekly challenges to earn XP and Renown, and possibly even an item from the shop.

The weekly challenges change each week at 4am Pacific time on Tuesdays. The classic challenges never change and are listed below in order of ease. There are also special event challenges that appear from time to time under the weekly challenges list.


Play Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege
Prizes: Uplay Badge
Blacker than Black

Successfully complete all Situations.
Prizes: 660 XP and 20 U
First Kill

Kill first enemy in Casual/Ranked Multiplayer or Terrorist Hunt
Prizes: 660 XP and 10 U
Destruction Master

As an Attacker, use a Breach Charge on a breakable wall to create a passageway.
Prizes: 660 XP and 10 U
You Shall Not Pass

As a Defender, reinforce a breakable wall.
Prizes: 660 XP and 10 U

Successfully complete 20 Terrorist Hunt Missions.
Prizes: 660 XP and 20 U
Stat Tracker

Log on to review your player activities at
Prizes: 660 XP and 10 U
Rainbow Three

Reach Clearance Level 25
Prizes: 660 XP and 20 U

Receive Player Skill Rank by playing 10 RANKED matches in Multiplayer.
Prizes: 660 XP and 10 U
Alpha Team

Play 50 RANKED matches in Multiplayer
Prizes: 720 XP and 30 U

Complete all Classic Challenges offering Club Units in Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege.
Prizes: Uplay Badge
Show me the money!

Obtain all Club Rewards in Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege. Does not include the rewards from playing other games from Ubisoft, such as Watch_Dogs camo.
Prizes: Uplay Badge