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Multiplayer is the most difficult, and some say the most fun, game mode in Rainbow Six Siege. It’s definitely the main reason why this game is still alive and kicking years after its release. Five real players face off against five real players online in three to seven rounds. The team to reach the score limit first will win the match and get a chance to earn an Alpha Pack.

Friendly fire is always on! Kill a teammate once accidentally and there’s no problem. Kill two teammates and you will be kicked from the match and banned from matchmaking for a set time. If you continue getting kicked, the ban will increase. See the table below for a breakdown.

Offense Ban Length
1 First 30 minutes
2 Second 1 hour
3 Third 2 hours
4 Fourth 24 hours
5 Fifth 7 days


Casual is where people go to have fun, and possibly screw around instead of actually playing the game. Complete a few Situations to unlock Casual Multiplayer. To win in Casual your team must win three rounds, and a max of five rounds can be played.


Ranked is where people take the game a bit more seriously. You’ll definitely find people playing their hardest to win the game instead of trying out a new loadout. Reach Operator Level 20 to unlock Ranked Multiplayer.

The way to win a Ranked match has been changing from season to season. Currently, to win a Ranked match, a team only has to win four rounds. However, if the teams end up tying 3 to 3, the game will go into overtime, which is another three rounds. The team to win two rounds in overtime will win the game.

The different ranks are copper, bronze, silver, gold, platinum, and diamond. You will earn certain points towards the next rank after your team wins a full game, or you will lose points towards the next rank and possibly even get de-ranked once your team loses a game. Ranked is still in Beta, so this can always change.

Update:</strong: As of December 11, 2018, PC players will require two-step verification to play Ranked Multiplayer. Install the Ubisoft Authenticator app on your smartphone and connect it to your game to do this.

Hostage – Multiplayer Game Mode

In the hostage multiplayer game mode, attackers must locate and extract a human hostage while defenders attempt to keep the captive alive and secured. If either team kills the hostage, they will instantly lose the round. 42 Second Preparation Phase. 4:00 Action Phase in Casual, 2:30 in Ranked.

This particular game mode requires finesse, since the primary objective is a human who can be injured and even killed. Try not to use explosives other than Breach Charges unless you know exactly where the hostage is.

Some defenders like to use the hostage as a human shield, and will crouch or even go prone right next to the captive. Watch your aim and pick off the hostile without harming the hostage. Use gadgets and grenades to your advantage, but remember that defenders will also be using gadgets to keep you out.

Secure Area – Multiplayer Game Mode

In the secure area multiplayer game mode, attackers must locate and secure a biohazard container by remaining near the objective for 10 consecutive seconds without any defenders within the area. 42 Second Preparation Phase. 4:00 Action Phase in Casual, 2:30 in Ranked.

This is the easiest game mode to win because many players don’t like staying on the objective. Defenders must stay very close to, or stay within, the objective or it can be taken by attackers within 10 seconds. All attackers need to do is stand in an empty room and start picking off defenders that come running back to score an easy win . Of course, defenders could also leave the objective room and fill it with booby traps. Always be prepared!

Bomb – Multiplayer Game Mode

In the bomb multiplayer game mode, attackers must locate and defuse one of two bombs by standing close to the explosives and setting an electronic defuser. Defenders must keep these bomb locations secure. If the defuser has been activated, defenders must locate and destroy the device within 60 seconds. 42 Second Preparation Phase. 4:00 Action Phase in Casual, 2:30 in Ranked.

This is the most difficult multiplayer game mode because there are two objectives, but only one needs to be taken down. Both teams will be spread thin over the map, which means it’s best to rely on gadgets over teammates. If playing as an attacker, place a claymore near the defuser to kill any defender that rushes in to destroy the laptop.