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Terrorist Hunt

Terrorist Hunt is one of the three main game modes in Rainbow Six Siege. It’s playable solo or cooperatively online with up to four additional teammates. Complete one of four random objectives against AI controlled terrorists. You might be playing offense or defense depending on the game mode.

Friendly fire is always on! If a player shoots their teammate once, they will injure and possibly kill the friendly Operator. Once a teammate is killed by friendly fire, the game will ask the dead player if they were intentionally team killed. If they answer yes, the offending player will be instantly kicked. If they answer no, Reverse Friendly Fire will be activated. This means any damage you do to teammates will automatically return to you without damaging them.

There are three different difficulties in Terrorist Hunt: Normal, Hard, and Realistic. Increasing the difficulty will alter gameplay in a few ways which are listed in the table below. Additionally, enemies will become much more accurate and aggressive.

Mode Normal Hard Realistic
Terrorist Hunt Classic 22 hostiles, no time limit 26 hostiles, 12 minute time limit 30 hostiles, 15 minute time limit
Protect Hostage 4 waves, infinite ammo refills 5 waves, 7 ammo refills 5 waves, 5 ammo refills
Disarm Bomb No time limit 12 minute time limit 15 minute time limit
Extract Hostage No time limit 12 minute time limit 15 minute time limit

Terrorist Hunt – Classic

In Terrorist Hunt Classic, the objective is to hunt down and kill all the enemies on the map. Unfortunately, the hostiles in this game mode will randomly spawn around the entire area. It’s even possible for a terrorist to get stuck somewhere because of dumb AI.

Since the objective is to kill a set amount of Terrorists, use whichever Operators best suits your play style. The Post Launch Operator Lion has a special ability that will highlight all Terrorists on the entire map for a few seconds, which is highly useful when you can’t locate the last group on a giant map. Additionally, there are a handful of Operators with unique abilities that will be completely useless in this game mode including: Jackal, Dokkaebi, and Mozzie.

Terrorist Hunt – Disarm Bomb

In Disarm Bomb, you must find and defuse two bombs guarded by an infinite amount of terrorists. Only one of the five players will be carrying the defuser. If this Operator is killed, the bomb will drop by their body. Teammates must then retrieve the defuser, locate the bomb sites, and plant the defuser within a close proximity.

While the bomb is being hacked, a wave of terrorists will come in and try to destroy the defuser and kill all remaining Operators. Defend the area for 45 seconds before going to the second bomb and doing the same dance once more.

Make sure to watch out for nitro cells around the map. IQ’s special ability allows her to track electronics with an LCD screen, and Thatcher can disable all C4 within his EMP blast. The two main objectives (bomb sites) will also show up on IQ’s screen so it won’t be difficult to locate them . If playing Bartlett University, Glaz’s thermal scope will help players navigate through the yellow gas.

Terrorist Hunt – Hostage Extraction

In Hostage Extraction, you must find a hostage and escort them safely to a designated extraction point-alive. As expected, the hostage will be guarded by terrorists who will lay traps and reinforced the surrounding rooms. Make sure not to use explosives near the hostage, and watch all crossfire!

While extracting the hostage, one Operator must perform the escort. The escorting Operator will only be able to use their sidearm, and has to be extra careful not to harm the hostage. More hostiles will spawn and attack the Operators while the hostage is being escorted to the extraction point.

Terrorist Hunt – Protect Asset

In Protect Asset, you must defend a human hostage from four waves of terrorists. The amount of waves will increase and the ammo replenishment will be limited on higher difficulties. This is the only defensive game mode in Terrorist Hunt. Stick next to the hostage, reinforce all walls nearby, and barricade open windows and doors to prevent hostiles from getting to the hostage. The enemies in protect asset will attempt to kill the hostage instead of capture and extract.

Doc is a great Operator to use in this game mode because he can heal all the teammates throughout the waves. Rook is another great option to increase the defense of the team with his trauma plates. Mute might be an okay choice if you can place his mute jammers in the right spots to prevent terrorists from blowing open walls.