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Elite Skins

In addition to normal skins, special Elite Skins have been released for a handful of Operators. Each set includes a set of items for one particular Operator:

The elite packages can be found under the uniforms section in the shop. Unlike other uniforms, the majority of Elite skins must be purchased with R6 Credits.

  • Elite headgear that often reveals the face of the masked Operator
  • Elite uniform
  • Elite Weapon skin for all of that Operator’s firearms
  • Elite Weapon skin for their unique ability gadget
  • Elite Chibi Charm of the Operator
  • MVP Victory Animation

The elite weapon skins can be applied to all firearms of the same mode. For example: Elite Thermite comes with an elite weapon skin for his M45 sidearm. Since the M45 can be equipped by three other FBI / SWAT Operators, they can also equip the elite Thermite weapon skin.

Unfortunately, the headgear, uniform, unique ability gadget skin, and victory animation must all be equipped at the same time. Furthermore, the victory animation will only play if you are the MVP (player with the highest score) of the match and are on the winning team.

Operator Set Unlock
Mute F Squadron Elite 1800 R6 Credits
Sledge L Detachment Elite 1800 R6 Credits
Thermite Vintage Bureau Elite 1800 R6 Credits
Pulse Lucky Seventh Elite 1800 R6 Credits
Rook Gendarmerie 1800 R6 Credits
Twitch Maquis 1800 R6 Credits
Fuze 2nd Shock Army 1800 R6 Credits
Kapkan Vympel 1800 R6 Credits
IQ Reunification 1800 R6 Credits
Jager Flying Ace 1800 R6 Credits
Blackbeard Guerrilla 1800 R6 Credits
Valkyrie War Photographer '72 1800 R6 Credits
Ash Sidewinder Free
Ash Black Viper Outbreak Pack
Thatcher Operation Nimrod 1800 R6 Credits
Doc Trench Medic 1800 R6 Credits
Frost Huntress 1800 R6 Credits
Blitz Panzerstarke 1800 R6 Credits
Glaz Lethal Citizen 1800 R6 Credits
Blitz Panzerstarke 1800 R6 Credits
Hibana Onkochishin 1800 R6 Credits