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Where to find Red, Blue, and Green

Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s Go Eevee are set in alternate universes from the original Pokemon Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow. The main character and rival are not the same characters from the original games, but those Trainers can be found throughout Kanto!


The original Rival of the Pokemon series is Blue, grandson to the famous Professor Oak, and former Pokemon League Champion. He will appear throughout your adventure as your rise to the top. After you become Pokemon League Champion, you can find and battle Blue at the Viridian City Gym once a day.

Tauros ♂
Normal Lv.66
Double Edge Rock Slide
Normal Physical Rock Physical
Earthquake Iron Tail
Ground Physical Steel Physical
Alakazam ♂
Psychic Lv.66
Dazzling Gleam Psychic
Fairy Special Psychic Special
Reflect Foul Play
Psychic Status Dark Physical
Gyarados ♂
Water/Flying Lv.66
Waterfall Crunch
Electric Special Normal Status
Earthquake Outrage
Normal Physical Normal Physical
Exeggcutor ♂
Grass/Psychic Lv.66
Power Whip Light Screen
Grass Physical Psychic Status
Stomp Psychic
Normal Physical Psychic Special
Aerodactyl ♂
Rock/Flying Lv.66
Rock Slide Earthquake
Rock Physical Ground Physical
Iron Tail Crunch
Steel Physical Dark Physical
Mega Charizard Y ♂
Fire/Flying Lv.68
Fire Blast Dragon Pulse
Fire Special Dragon Special
Hyper Beam Air Slash
Normal Special Flying Special


A new female trainer to the video game series appears in Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s Go Eevee. She is based off the female character that appeared in early concept art of Red and Green, and also appeared in the Pokemon Special manga. You can find her in the Cerulean Cave after capturing Mewtwo. She will be waiting in the same spot as Mewtwo. After battling her, she can be found standing in the middle of Cerulean City once a day.

Celfable ♀
Fairy Lv.66
Moonblast Light Screen
Fairy Special Psychic Status
Reflect Tri Attack
Psychic Status Normal Special
Gengar ♂
Ghost/Poison Lv.66
Dark Pulse Shadow Ball
Dark Special Ghost Special
Sludge Bomb Will-O-Wisp
Poison Special Fire Status
Victreebel ♂
Grass/Poison Lv.66
Power Whip Poison Jab
Grass Physical Poison Physical
Sucker Punch Leech Life
Dark Physical Bug Physical
Ninetales ♀
Fire Lv.66
Fire Blast Dark Pulse
Fire Special Dark Special
Foul Play Hyper Beam
Dark Physical Normal Special
Kanghaskan ♀
Normal Lv.66
Dizzy Punch Sucker Punch
Normal Physical Dark Physical
Thunder Punch Brick Break
Electric Physical Fighting Physical
Mega Blastoise ♂
Water Lv.66
Hydro Pump Flash Cannon
Water Special Steel Special
Ice Beam Fake Out
Ice Special Normal Physical


The original protagonist of the Pokemon series is Red, former Pokemon League Champion. Red will only appear after defeating six Master Trainers throughout Kanto. He will be standing to the left of the Pokemon League entrance.

Pikachu ♂
Electric Lv.85
ThunderBolt Brick Break
Electric Special Fighting Physical
Iron Tail Reflect
Steel Physical Psychic Status
Machamp ♂
Fighting Lv.85
Superpower Fire Blast
Fighting Physical Fire Special
Earthquake Hyper Beam
Ground Physical Normal Special
Arcanine ♂
Fire Lv.85
Heat Wave Crunch
Fire Special Dark Physical
Will-O-Wisp Roar
Fire Status Normal Status
Lapras ♀
Water/Ice Lv.85
Ice Shard Waterfall
Ice Physical Water Physical
Body Slam Megahorn
Normal Physical Bug Physical
Snorlax ♂
Normal Lv.85
Toxic Protect
Poison Status Normal Status
Rest Body Slam
Psychic Status Normal Physical
Mega Venusaur ♂
Grass/Poison Lv.85
Sludge Bomb Mega Drain
Poison Special Grass Special
Leech Seed Amnesia
Grass Status Psychic Status