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Master Trainers

After becoming the Pokemon League Champion of Kanto, new Master Trainers will begin to pop up around the region. These are very powerful Trainers that specialize in one Pokemon. Challenge them to a battle using the same Pokemon at the same level without using any items (Mega Stones are an exception), or show them a Pokemon that’s Level 90+ for rare Pokemon like Ditto. Defeat the Master Trainer to earn their title. For example, if you defeat the Ditto Master Trainer, you will display the Ditto Master title every time you trade, battle with a real person, or heal at the Pokemon Center.

You can find these Trainers with a sprite of a Pokemon inside a bubble over their head. A complete list of their locations and some info will be posted at a later date.

# Pokemon Location Notes
001 Bulbsaur Route 4
002 Ivysaur Route 14
003 Venusaur Route 23, north near the Indigo Plateau
004 Charmander Celadon Condominiums, roof from back entrance
005 Charmeleon Route 10, south
006 Charizard Route 23, north near the Indigo Plateau
007 Squirtle Route 12, north
008 Wartortle Route 20, near Seafoam Island's west shore
009 Blastoise Route 20, near Seafoam Island's east shore
010 Caterpie Fuchsia City, west gate
011 Metapod Route 11
012 Butterfree Route house between Viridian Forest and Route 2 north
013 Weedle Viridian Forest, south
014 Kakuna Route 13
015 Beedrill Route 8, in tall grass
016 Pidgey Route 2
017 Pidgeotto Route 16, north
018 Pidgeot Route House, 2nd floor, between route 12 and Lavender Town
019 Rattata Route 10, north end
020 Raticate Cerulean City, house to northeast
021 Spearow Pewter City
022 Fearow Fuchsia City, southwest corner
023 Ekans Route 4
024 Arbok Team Rocket Hideout, southwest side of B1F
025 Pikachu Viridian Forest, north Lv 75; Moves: Toxic, Substitute, Slam. Try attacking with Dig and other physical attacks.
026 Raichu Pokemon Tower, 6th floor
027 Sandshrew Route 11
028 Sandslash Route House, between Route 7 and Saffron City
029 Nidoran♀ Route 3
030 Nidorina Underground Path, route 8 to route 7
031 Nidoqueen Route 23
032 Nidoran♂ Route 3
033 Nidorino Underground Path, route 8 to route 7
034 Nidoking Route 23
035 Clefairy Saffron City, house to northwest of Silph Co
036 Clefable Mt. Moon, B1F down second ladder
037 Vulpix Route 6
038 Ninetales Route 9
039 Jigglypuff Pewter City Pokemon Center
040 Wigglytuff Silph Co, 11th floor
041 Zubat Rock Tunnel, after third ladder, closer to Lavender
042 Golbat Victory Road, 3rd Floor, one ladder from the exit to the Indigo Plateau
043 Oddish Viridian City
044 Gloom Pewter City
045 Vileplume Route 14
046 Paras Mt. Moon, northeast corner of first floor
047 Parasect Route 2
048 Venonat Route 24
049 Venomoth Route 15
050 Diglett Diglett's Cave, Route 2 entrance
051 Dugtrio Diglett's Cave
052 Meowth Viridian City Poke Mart
053 Persian Team Rocket Hideout, west side of B4F
054 Psyduck Route 21, near Cinnabar Island's north coast
055 Golduck Route 24, down stream near Cerulean Cave
056 Mankey Route 5
057 Primeape Route House, 2nd floor, between routes 11 and 12
058 Growlithe Route 7
059 Arcanine Celadon City, hotel on southeast side Lv 75; Moves: Hyper Beam.
060 Poliwag Route 12, south end
061 Poliwhirl Cerulean City, house west of Pokemon Center
062 Poliwrath Cerulean City, northwest backyard
063 Abra Viridian City
064 Kadabra Saffron City, house on southeast corner
065 Alakazam Route 10, south end near Lavender Town Lv 80; Moves: Psychic, Tri Attack, Calm Mind, Disable.
066 Machop Silph Co., 4th floor
067 Machoke Fuchsia City, house to the southeast
068 Machamp Vermilion City Lv 75; Moves: Brick Break.
069 Bellsprout Viridian City Trainer's School
070 Weepinbell Pokemon Tower, 7th floor
071 Victreebel Celadon City, in front of the Pokemon Gym
072 Tentacool Seafoam Islands beach
073 Tentacruel Route 20
074 Geodude Rock Tunnel, after second ladder
075 Graveler Victory Road, 1st Floor
076 Golem Pewter City Museum
077 Ponyta Saffron City, in front of the Poke Mart
078 Rapidash Saffron City, northwest corner
079 Slowpoke Route 21
080 Slowbro Route 21
081 Magnemite Underground Path, Route 5 to 6
082 Magneton Underground Path, Route 5 to 6
083 Farfetch'd Vermilion City
084 Doduo Cerulean City Bike Maniac's house
085 Dodrio Route 15
086 Seel Seafoam Islands, 1st floor
087 Dewgong Seafoam Islands, B1F
088 Grimer Celadon City, across moat
089 Muk Pokemon Mansion, 2nd Floor
090 Shellder Route 19, southeast corner
091 Cloyster Route 20, near south shore of Seafoam Islands
092 Gastly Lavender Town, behind Pokemon House
093 Haunter Lavender Town, behind two houses to the south
094 Gengar Lavender Town, behind Poke Mart
095 Onix Underground Path, route 8 to route 7 Lv 70; Moves: Protect, Toxic, Harden, Wrap.
096 Drowzee Viridian City Pokemon Center
097 Hypno Pokemon Tower, 5th floor
098 Krabby Vermilion City Fan Club
099 Kingler Silph Co, Lobby Lv 75; Moves: Guillotine, Stomp. Guillotine will not work if the opposing Kingler has a higher speed stat, and Stomp will randomly cause the target to flinch.
100 Voltorb Power Plant
101 Electrode Route 17
102 Exeggcute Route 24
103 Exeggutor Cinnabar Island
104 Cubone Route House, between Route 8 and Saffron City
105 Marowak Lavender Town, Pokemon House
106 Hitmonlee Saffron City Fighting Dojo
107 Hitmonchan Saffron City Fighting Dojo
108 Lickitung Route House, 2nd floor, between Celadon City and Route 15
109 Koffing Route 17
110 Weezing Team Rocket Hideout, B3F
111 Rhyhorn Route 17
112 Rhydon Team Rocket Hideout, southwest corner of B2F
113 Chansey Fuchsia City Pokemon Center
114 Tangela Route 15
115 Kangaskhan Fuchsia City, Safari Zone area
116 Horsea Route 19, east side
117 Seadra Route 12, north end in the sea
118 Goldeen Route 12, south end in the sea
119 Seaking Route 13, south end in the sea
120 Staryu Route 19, beach near Fuchsia
121 Starmie Route 25
122 Mr. Mime Celadon Condominiums 2nd Floor
123 Scyther Route House, 2nd floor, between Fuchsia City and route 15
124 Jynx Route 24, down stream near Cerulean Cave
125 Electabuzz Route 10, outside the Power Plant
126 Magmar Pokemon Mansion, 1st Floor
127 Pinsir Route House, 2nd floor, between Route 18 and Fuchsia City
128 Tauros Fuchsia City, Safari Zone area
129 Magikarp Route 3 Pokemon Center
130 Gyarados Celadon City, hotel on southeast side
131 Lapras Pokemon Tower, 4th floor
132 Ditto Pokemon Manson, 3rd Floor Show a level 90+ Ditto
133 Eevee Route 17
134 Jolteon Celadon City Department Store, 3rd floor
135 Vaporeon Celadon City Department Store, 2nd floor
136 Flareon Celadon City Department Store, 4th floor
137 Porygon Celadon City Rocket Game Corner
138 Omanyte Mt. Moon, B2F down second ladder
139 Omastar Cinnabar Lab, 3rd room
140 Kabuto Mt. Moon, B2F down first ladder
141 Kabutops House on NE side of Pewter City
142 Aerodactyl Pewter City Museum
143 Snorlax Route 16, near Celadon City
144 Articuno Seafoam Islands, B3F
145 Zapdos Power Plant
146 Moltres Victory Road, 2nd Floor
147 Dratini Route 23
148 Dragonair Seafoam Islands, B2F
149 Dragonite Cerulean City, house north of Pokemon Center
150 Mewtwo Pokemon Mansion, B1F
151 Mew Pokemon Mansion, B1F
808 Meltan Pokemon Mansion, B1F
809 Melmetal Pokemon Mansion, B1F