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Persona 4 Golden Walkthrough

Former Konishi Liquors

Former Konishi Liquors is sort of the first dungeon in Persona 4.

Enter the dungeon and let the story play out between Yosuke and Saki’s voice. After the dialogue, a Shadow will appear.

Boss Battle: Shadow Yosuke


      • Wind of Oblivion: Light Wind damage
      • Attack: Normal Physical damage
      • Guard: Greatly reduces damage
      • Power Charge: The next attack will be twice as powerful


The first attack should be Wind of Oblivion. This attack can knock you down, leaving you open for more attacks which will do bonus damage while downed.

Once you get back up, use Zio to knock Shadow Yosuke down and get another turn. With it down, use the Cleave ability to do more damage.

From time to time Shadow Yosuke will guard itself. Guarding will greatly reduce the damage you cause. When Shadow Yosuke is done guarding, it should use the Wind of Oblivion attack again. If you’re guarding when Wind of Oblivion hits, it won’t knock you down, so make sure you guard right after Yosuke uses guard!

If playing on harder difficulties, don’t forget to use items like medicine to heal your HP. There’s also the Rakukaja skill that raises your Defense for three turns.

Defeat it to earn 100 EXP and 3,000 Yen. Yosuke will also get his own Persona! You will return to the real world afterwords.

Return Later

Return on May 1st or 2nd and investigate the area. A new weapon will be available for Yosuke, along with a quest item for Quest 03.

Skill Spanner

      • Effect: +40 SP
      • Attack: 83
      • Hit: 86
  • BlaBlaBla

    Seriously, LOVE your IGN Guide!
    But….it only goes up to May 19th….where’s the rest?
    You mention here that it’s a complete guide so…what happened to the rest of it??

    • I didn’t do that day by day walkthrough. I did the abridged walkthrough. Check out those pages. They’re complete and everything.

    • Kez Fitzgerald

      I was disappointed as well, but then I decided to help myself to it, so I’m currently working on the day-by-day walkthrough. Since I was puzzled on what to do for a little bit, I went ahead in the game on my own, so you’ll notice that the guide will resume on May 21st. I started about a month ago, so it hasn’t gotten very far. (June 1st, right now.) Also, there is a long process of making sure I have every little aspect of the game complete, which involves creating multiple saves, multiple experiments, and sometimes, multiple playthroughs.

      And of course, I have a part-time job and my parents are pleased when I have social outings. So, it may be a while before it’s “complete.”

      Anyway, If you notice something that doesn’t match up with your game, or you have a question, PLEASE feel free to contact me or leave a comment in the guide. Thank you! ^_^