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I’ve been running a Japanese Otaku YouTube Channel for 13 months now, but I can’t decide on a name!

My Otaku YouTube Channel has been doing very well over the past 13 months. I’ve been steadily putting out product reviews, educational videos (my Otaku Encyclopedia), and various vlogs that have been well received for the most part. However, I cannot decide on a name!

Originally, the channel started off at The Otaku Club since I had a twitter and Facebook page with the same name that I wanted to tie together. I also hoped to have a number of different people on the channel, but that’s not the way my channel went.

I relabeled the channel “Nihon Hector” because I wanted the channel to focus on me and have a slightly cool Japanese nickname. For those that don’t know, Nihon is one of the names for Japan in Japanese. The other name, which is used more by the youth in Japan, is Nippon.

Shortly after, I renamed the channel “Hector Desu.” That’s pretty much Japanese for “I am Hector.” It was sort of an homage to the Jvlogger Tomoko Desu, and I wanted something simple.

I recently asked my Japanese friends what they thought I should use, and they said “Hector Kun” would be better. Kun is an honorific that is used for men in Japan.

I’ve been looking at YouTube URLs, both legacy and the new format, to see if some of these names have been taken. For those that don’t know, you can have two different channel names due to the new format. For example, my gaming channel’s legacy URL is since user/hxchector was taken, but my new gaming channel’s URL is Unfortunately, Hector Desu and Hector Kun are both taken. I’m thinking about going with Hekuta Kun, since that’s how you would spell my name in Japanese. Hector becomes ヘクター which becomes HEKUTA with a long “A” sound. That is actually available for the new YouTube URLs. I also thought of a really cool sounding Japanese name, but I know I would never use it in my videos. I always start out my videos with something like “Hey guys, it’s Hector here.”

Recently, I thought about taking HardcoreHector for the new YouTube name format. My gaming channels name is hXc Hector, and hXc is short for Hardcore. I’ve been using either hXc Hector or Hardcore Hector all over the internet for years, so I could secure both names for both channels. Of course, it’s not very Japanese-related. I can’t take the legacy URL HardcoreHector because some jerk took it and never uploaded any videos.

Tell me what you guys think in the comments section! I would really love to hear some feedback from the readers.