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twelve − seven =

How much money do I make? Everyone asks me this question.

I’ve been working under IGN as a freelancer for four months now. Many people, mainly the people who constantly doubt me, can’t believe I get paid to write strategy guides for video games. I’ve been asking how much I make multiple times. I still have not said how much money I make exactly, and I’m not entirely sure why people even care. The disbelievers believe I make a very small amount, and that’s why I won’t say how much I make. They can think what they like, but I know the truth. I’ve always been told by my parents and by my employers to never tell people how much I make. You should especially keep it secret from co-workers and customers. If you make more than a co-worker, then something bad may go down. All you need to know is that I love doing what I do and I get paid fairly.

For all the kids out there, just remember, there will always be someone to discourage you in life. Don’t care about what anyone has to say unless they’re trying to help you. However, be cautious of people trying to help you if they’ve hurt you in the past. Try to make a good judgement call.