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April Fools’ Day just passed. Want to know what I did? :>

I’m not always the type to play pranks. I usually feel a little bad for those that get pranked, and many of the pranks that come to mind are incredibly evil and will probably end up really bad anyways. I went looking around the net during April Fools’ to see some of the pranks others have pulled. Some were really fucked up, like replacing the cream in donuts with mayonnaise. I don’t think anyone should mess with food like that! After awhile I saw a pretty cool prank involving “brownies,” so I decided to do it myself in my house and tape the reactions.

Get it? Brown Es. As you can see in the video, my family wasn’t too happy about it, so they wanted me to make real brownies.


Did anyone else pull any pranks? I know a lot of websites love to put out some joke news on the day. Some stupid websites try to put out real news from time to time and fail! A site I plan to write for very soon decided to put out some minor, but legit, news on April Fools’ Day. More on that site at a later date.